Monthly Archives: July 2013

Reverse the Poison (Weird but true!)

You have to see this video — the creator of it is crazy! He spent hundreds of hours researching and then actually TESTING. He even tested this on his own FAMILY and FRIENDS! This guy discovered something insane about our BRAINS. I’ve already watched the video 3 times, that shows how shocked I’ve been… 3 […]

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PROOF is in the Poison

This video reveals the POISON that you really need to be aware of… ==>  See the video here Three years and 1,062 articles later, after conducting extensive research and testing (even on his own FAMILY and FRIENDS), Anik made a shocking discovery: ==>  See the video here If you do ONE thing today, make sure […]

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People ask me all the time: “How Do You Do It?” “What made that BIG-SHIFT in your life when you made it big?”… …And I’ve got to tell you that although I don’t talk about it often – I do have a secret… Something that’s part of every talk, every training, every word I write… […]

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N.L.P. (2 VIP Guest Tickets)

How familiar are you with N.L.P.? You know, Neuro-Linguistic Programming… …The single most powerful set of techniques ever developed for personal change… N.L.P. is literally THE “Owners Manual” for your brain… If you’ve been involved in Personal Development or Self-Improvement for any amount of time then you already know exactly what I’m talking about… I […]

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