June 2012

June 16, 2012

Does Numerology Work?

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When I first started training, I asked myself the very same question, wondering if you can really know youself by the numbers in your life.

Well, the fact is everything is energy and that energy relates to all areas of your life from the significance of your name, birthdate, and other factors.

I have trained Numerologists, Psychics, Qigong Instructors, Hypnotists, Handwriting Experts, Criminal Investigators, and a host of other niche specialtists over the years…

And the thing I find out most, is that all of their related specialties comes back to interpretation of “data”, which can be interpreted through the energy itself.

Now, if you take each one of those mentioned above, you will find there is a physical, mental and energetic component.

I want to focus on Numerology and how you can understand your life and energy based on the numbers in your life.

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Learning this powerful information, allows you to have but one more tool in your arsenal to be able to become a better Controller of your own life and destiny…

Truly a cool course of study that I know many of you will enjoy and get a great benefit out of…

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Have a great day!


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