October 2011

October 21, 2011

The Pathway Manifesto

I mentioned to you yesterday that I was inspired. And I was.

In fact I still am…

I wrote a 38 page “Manifesto” on The Pathway of The Mind Force & Quantum Qigong System.

I am more convinced after writing it that you need to read it.

I really did put some of my best stuff in here.

In fact I answer 6 of the most asked questions I get on a regular basis. Here they are.

[content_box_grey width=”75%”]

1. How can I do this training, I have no money?
2. How long will it take for me to move large objects?
3. How long will it take before I levitate?
4. Are these exercises really proprietary?
5. Can I really create energy, health and vitality like you say?
6. Can I learn how to use my energy for attraction and manifestation?[/content_box_grey]

Those are really the top six…

I go into detail on each one, plus I add in some other nuggets on health, belief, the three stages of growth, etc.

If you don’t get anything out of it, I really don’t have anything to offer you and you should immediately unsubscribe from this list…

And I’m serious…

The question is…Are you serious about attaining Extraordinary Skills?

That is only a question you can answer…

Check it out here.

[features_box_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”][membership_download_item_pdf link=”http://mf-quantumqigong.s3.amazonaws.com/The%20Pathway%20Manifesto.pdf” + target=”_self”]The Pathway Manifesto[/membership_download_item_pdf][/features_box_blue]



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October 20, 2011

The Inspiration to Do Greater Things…

Today I am inspired…

Why you might ask?

Well, for one thing I just completed a report that I feel will really allow people to see through the clutter of their mind and make a change that is positive and filled with energy…

I wrote a report on The Pathway Seminar that I did the other day.

The feedback from the seminar has been wonderful. I have received so many good emails from those who got a great deal of inspiration from it…

The other inspiration I got while meditating the other day, was to write another book…

And this time, I will make it the very best book/manual I have ever done.

The good news is, I want you to help me write it…That’s right, I want your input. The book or manual is going to be along the lines of the Mind Force and Quantum Qigong System, so I am looking to making a work that will help people to live a more vibrant life filled with health, energy and vitality…

Let me know what you think.


PS- The report will be done shortly so look for it if you are part of the list for the seminars.

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October 18, 2011

Secrets of Health (Video)

Got quite a few emails from people asking how is that I never get sick and that my kids never get sick…

It’s true and it just plain is…

The mind is a magnificent machine, and when you train it to work for you instead of against you, it is even more amazing.

You need to clean out your mind from all the past negative programming about health and why you need to go to the doctor, why you need to take a certain drug, or why you are not able to do something.

Believe me, you can change the way you think…

You can change the way you feel…

You have the keys to becoming a Controller if you so desire.

I shot a quick video, where I rant a little about this health issue and how you can get these so called “Secrets to Heath”

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October 17, 2011

Quantum Health Surge

Do you desire a “Quantum Health Surge”?

Do you deserve one?

Of course you do…

In fact, you should be allowing your mind and your body to work together in order to give you the best health possible.

So, how do you do this? For one thing, you have to adjust your thinking. You have to start thinking healthy thoughts and not thoughts that will make you sick.

In my recent “The Pathway” Seminar, I discuss in good detail why people get sick and why they don’t.

Check this out… I have (4) four kids. Their ages range from 16-26. None of them have been to the doctor more than 5 times (unless it was for a school sports physical). How can that be?  Because my wife and I don’t believe in sickness, we believe in health. In fact we don’t even think about it, we just expect to be healthy.

A lot of people think in future terms of being sick… Ever think like this:

” I better go get that check up”

” I’m turning (age), I better get an examination”

” I have a cough, I NEED to go to the doctor”

For the most part, most people go to the doctor when they don’t really need to. When I tell my friends, that my kids never go, they probably think I’m lying, but of course I’m not.

Your mind is your most powerful Quantum Health tool. Do you want to have a vibrancy and vitality?

If you do, and you haven’t watched or listened to my FREE Pathways Seminar, then what are you waiting for.

Click Here to Get Instant Access!


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October 6, 2011

Reiki Certification Course

Usui Reiki Healing Master

One of my goals has always been to provide information not usually found and I think I do a pretty good job…

In fact, I have trained with many of the top esoteric instructors in the world of Hypnosis, NLP, Qigong, Mind Force, Psychic Development,Martial Arts, but to name a few…

Well, I keep getting emails about Reiki, and how our system of healing differs from it.

A colleague of mine Bruce Wilson came up with a course on how to become a “Reiki Master”…

Now I got to tell you, whenever I hear someone say they are going to teach you to become a master, I am a little bit skeptical to say the least.

Well, here’s the deal, Bruce has put together a very fine course that will teach you many of the techniques of Reiki without having to pay the normal hundreds if not thousands of dollars in order to use the system…

Click Here to be taken to his page to find out all of the details. I think you will be quite pleased with it.

Talk soon,


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October 5, 2011

How to Manifest What You Desire

How to Manifest What You Desire

Last night, I did a Webinar for my good friend Rachel Rofe on “How Meditation Can Be The Control Panel for Your Life”.

We got some great questions and the attendees loved the content.

I’ll see if I can get a copy for you to view as it was one of those times I was really “on” and energy flow was a go!

Everytime I write, speak, email, meditate, contemplate, I learn something new or should I say relearn something new.

Well, last night was no different… Let me share with you a concept that I use, but last night it really hit me.

This mental concept is one of the secrets to manifesting what you desire and will work for you when you apply it.

Have you ever taken a trip or a vacation? Of course, right?

Well, when you booked your flight, your hotel room, your itinerary, what did you do?

Did you constantly think about all the details? Did you wonder if your flight was going to stay on schedule? Did you worry yourself about the hotel reservation, whould it be good when you got to your destination?

Of course not…

You booked it and knew that everything would go as planned.

“You Set it And Forgot It’

Well, that is kind of the way Manifesting is. There is a formula that when followed will work brilliantly for you…Here it is.

3 Step Formula For Manifesting

1. Want it
2. Visualize it
3. Detach From It


#3 is the most important part…

Detaching is the same thing you do, once you book your flight and hotel for your trip. You don’t have to think about it again.

Well, when you detach from it, it allows your subconscious mind to go out and get the help you need to receive what you are looking to manifest.

Pretty simple, eh?

Now, if you really want to take your manifesting to the highest level, my suggestion would be to try one of my product packs, which include so many of the tools you’ll need in order to manifest your desires…

In fact, I believe from what you’ll learn in these products, you’ll probably make the money back you invested in the products.

Here are the product packs that I am speaking of.

#1- Advanced Mind Force & Quantum Qigong Master System- $497
-> Includes every product I have ever produced plus 90 days FREE access to the TOATAL SYSTEM 2.0

#2- Advanced Chi DVD Bundle- $197
-> Includes the Advanced Chi DVD, Chi Power Plus, Mind Portal, Internal Power Centers & 60 days access to THE TOTAL SYSTEM. 2.0

#3- The Esoteric Manual Library- $79.95
-> Our 5 best selling manuals in a cost savings collection plus many video and audio bonuses.

You Can Access These By Clicking Here Now!

So, which ever one you decide to get, just know that you are going to be able to do things on a more profound level…

Best to you,


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October 3, 2011

Psychic Sensitivity & The Tooth Fairy

Psychic Sensitivity

I have talked a lot about becoming more psychic over the last couple of posts and thought I would go into a little detail on a question I get a lot.

How do you create “psychic sensitivity”?

I have always taught that everything you discover from this type of training can be learned like many other skills or techniques you have been taught in your life.

For example, how did you learn how to ride a bike? How did you learn how to swim? How did you learn to write, read or even tie your shoe?

These are all learned skills, and probably at the time for many of us they were hard to do…

The fact is that when you are young, lets say between the ages of 2-5 (and even younger in some cases), you have an incredible sensitivity to everything around you.

You feel things better…You see things better…You notice everything in your world.

Why, because you are fresh…You are a clean slate…You have not been corrupted by the world (yet).

Funny story from my childhood…

When I was about 5 years old and lost one of my first teeth,my parents told me the The Tooth Fairy would place money under my pillow.

I asked who was this Tooth Fairy and could I see it?

They said you must be asleep for it to come.

So, I went up to bed and pretended to go to sleep, but as soon as my mother left the room, I got out of my bed and hid over by the corner of my room waiting to see the Tooth Fairy place the money under my pillow…

Of course you know what happened, my parents came back up and put me to bed…

I had a quarter the next morning, but I never did catch that rascal of a Tooth Fairy!

I was young and believed what I was told. There was no established belief that it wasn’t true…

When you are 18 years old, can your parents tell you the same type of stories? Of course not. You have been numbed by life and the so called realities of life.

So, the sensitivity you had as a child may have actually gone into hiding or lay dormant, until you wake it back up again…

Wake Yourself Up

Through meditation and specific exercises, you can begin the process of opening back up that psychic side of yourself.

It is amazing to see someone do this and start to see the world in a totally different light…Very cool stuff.

I think I’ll do a video for you when I get back to my office on an exercise you can use to start to create sensitivity.

So, wake up your sensitivity and see what the real world is all about!


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October 2, 2011

Psychic Power Boot Camp Incentive

Check out the video explaining how you can get access to the new “PSYCHIC POWER BOOT CAMP”. This promises to be a very special program which will reveal some really eye opening techniques and methods.

Once you have watched the video click here to go to this product page on the Quantum Qigong webiste.

If you want to just order The Internal Power Centers System Click Here

Talk Soon,


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