September 2011

September 27, 2011

The New Psychic Power Course: (Video)

Just watch the short 5 minute video and if you can be so kind give me some feed back on whether or not you like the idea of this new course.

If I get enough people who want me to do it now, I am going to give it away for FREE to anyone who has purchased the Internal Power Centers Course, so let me know.

Talk soon,


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September 26, 2011

Spirits & Entities: You Are Never Really Alone

Have you ever noticed when you are home alone that you never really feel alone?

The reason I’m writing this, is because for the first time in a long time, there was no one in the house besides me.

The energy felt different, and yet I could feel a presence.

Have you ever noticed this?

Why do you think people keep the tv or radio on at night when they go to sleep?

It is because subsconsciously you pick up this additional energy and even though you might not recognize it consciously, your subsconscious picks it up every time.

Kind of freaky, yet it is a reality that many who are sensitive to different energies recognize on a regular basis.

The question I get from people and the one that I had when I was first starting out is…What are these “things” lurking in my house?

That is a great question, and I wish I had a great answer,but even after all these years, it is not always as simple as you might think.

Let’s face it. There are spirits walking among us. And like I said, they are probably walking in your house on a regular basis, you just can’t see them….

Or can you?

Want to learn how to see them? Most tell me they don’t want to.

The key is building up a sensitive energy that will enable youto see these energy beings and make contact.

Usually you’ll see them out of your peripheral vision. Take notice at night. Relax down and see if you can notice any movement around the room.

Often times this movement could be some type of spritual entitie.

That’s how the expression “Things that go bump in the night” came about.

And the other thing is they are not all bad in fact they are probably just passing by.

However, when I do sense “unwanted visitors” I clean my house out by “rebuking them in the name of Jesus Christ”. I am a Christian and this works for me every time, and will work for you as well…

I thought I would share this with you since I was thinking about it as I could feel some strange energy in my house as I was the only one there…

Want to learn more, check out my Internal Power Centers Course and you’ll learn all about how to see auras, create a powerful third eye and other cool techniques…

Have a great day,


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September 20, 2011

Did You Meditate Today?

Did You Meditate Today?

The reason I ask is that meditation is a key concept to getting access to all of your Mind Force abilities…

Meditation can be as simple as relaxing into a thought or picture, and it can be as extensive as a specific intent such as my Mind Force Qi Infusion meditation.

I spoke to a young woman the other day on the phone and she was so excited because through some of the training, she had been able to do her first OBE or Astral Projection…

I was so proud of her, because this was a technique that took me quite some time to get down.

It is one of those techniques that definitely will take you places that you can’t even imagine…

And you know what, most of the extreme abilities start with meditation and understanding how meditation is like the “cockpit” or “control panel” of your training.

So, again, I ask you– “DID YOU MEDITATE TODAY”?

If you didn’t, do it now…

Again, it can be as simple as you closing your eyes for 5 minutes and reflecting on your day.


Have a wonderful day.


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