June 2011

June 24, 2011

ShapeShifter: Redesign Your Body, Anytime, Anywhere…

Can You Really Be “Unbreakable”???

Probably not unless you’re a comicbook superhero.

But you CAN get pretty darn close if you use a few super-powered training techniques that rebalance your muscles, improve the “quality” of your tissues and actually accelerate your FATLOSS.

It’s not rocket science, but it does require a very precise combination of just the right elements in just the right order…

My friends Ryan and Adam (aka The Bodyweight Coaches) integrated a lot of these techniques into their brand new Shapeshifter Body Redesign system. That’s because they understand how important this stuff is for both injury prevention AND physique.

Why does balance matter, and what the heck does that have to do with looking great naked?

Quite a lot, actually. A body that’s out of balance will hold onto fat and put the brakes on new muscle. And imbalances also increase your risk of injury — which of course completely sidelines you from your best body “redesign” efforts.

These guys think injury prevention is so important that they added a very special bonus to their Shapeshifter body redesign system. They’re giving it away TODAY ONLY with their brand new bodyweight program.

It’s not just any program. This one’s been approved by The Doctor. That’s right, Adam & Ryan have teamed up with Dr Kareem Samhouri to create the…

Shapeshifter Shield <— Special bonus with your 51% VIP discount (Today Only)

So what exactly are these super-powered techniques used in Shapeshifter Shield?

Element #1 – Self “Myofascial” Release

It’s sort of like giving yourself a massage — but not the nice relaxing kind… the kind that digs deep and fixes what ails you! You can use a number of different objects with these self-massage techniques, including a simple tennis ball. But the most common tool is a foam roller.

Element #2 – Flexibility Exercises

If your muscles and connective tissues are tight in certain key areas, you’re an injury waiting to happen. And who ISN’T tight nowadays??? Our busy lives have us chained to our chairs and strapped into cars for most of the day. It’s so bad that the entire population is becoming chair-shaped.

If you don’t integrate flexibility into your training you WILL start to resemble the stuff you’re sitting on. And that is NOT good. The flexibility exercises included in Shapeshifter Shield are designed to counter this daily over-conditioning, restoring you to the natural, vibrant health you knew in your “glory days.”

Element #3 – Mobility Training

This is the one that almost NO ONE is doing! And that’s a shame, because it makes all the difference in your quest for a super-heroic unbreakable body! If you don’t balance your “stretching” with mobility work, you become a walking time bomb… but rather than explode in a blaze of glory, you simply break up.

Mobility is all about rebalancing muscles so you can have CONTROL over your flexibility. It’s the key that rounds out your mission to be “injury-proof.”

Used in combination, these three powerful techniques will be your SHEILD against injury and your catalyst to accelerated body “redesign.”

When you integrate them into the innovative bodyweight workouts, diet tips and lifestyle advice provided in the Shapeshifer Body Redesign system, you’ve got the ticket to building your best body ever.

Better lever yourself outta that chair and take action now. Shapeshifter Shield is only available today when you grab the full Shapeshifter system. Click over to the page. We guarantee you’ll fall outta your chair when you see how much they included for this price!

Shapeshifter system + Shapeshifter Shield <— 51% discount & bonus TODAY only

Oh, and if you want a glimpse of some of the exercises they use, click through that link above and check out the coolest video preview on the net.



PS- This is a great program if you want to mold your body and change your fitness level without having to use expensive equipment or devices.

Click Here for All the Details

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June 17, 2011

Play By Play Attraction Guide for Men

My friend Joshua, put together this awesome “Play By Play” Attraction Guide for MEN… This simple guide can become a valuable asset for you to use as you are making your way to find YOUR beautiful Woman…

Now let me just say that this is mainly for the “Single Men” on this list, so if you feel you might be offended by this material, please do not read further…





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June 15, 2011

How To Respond to “Buy Me a Drink”

Curious? You should be

Have you ever been talking to a girl and she RANDOMLY
insults you? You know that feeling you get when you realize
that she is actually rejecting you RIGHT HERE and
RIGHT NOW? Your stomach jumps into your throat, doesn’t it?

Or when you walk up to a chick and she puts you on the
spot by demanding you to do stuff for her?

“Buy me a drink…”
“Wait here while I go to the bathroom…”

I do. And I remember when I didn’t know how to respond
in a way that would actually make her CHASE me instead
of reject me. It was like everything was riding on whether
or not she smiled when I said ‘Hi’ or if she made that
who-the-hell-are-you face when I said ‘Hi’.

I want you to know what I learned to say that gave
me the power to turn any response from her into a smile.
It really made it all *click* for me.

Click Here for All The Details

She’ll be awe-struck when you respond to her secret
‘test’ with the things I say which I’ve tested, and
are proven to work on woman after woman after woman…

You might have already heard about my friend Joshua Pellicer.
There’s a reason why he’s being chased around by every
major news media in the country. There’s a reason why
Sirius XM radio offered him a show where he taught the
secrets of how to meet and attract women. There’s a reason why
most of my professional dating coach friends go to HIM for
advice with women when they hit road-blocks…

He’s this community’s best-kept-secret. No doubt about it.

And he’s opened up a great free video series teaching one
of my biggest “Ah-ha! moments” of all time. You’ll know
how to see the 3 secret tests that women are giving you. And he’ll
teach you the right things to say back to pass those tests.

For Your FREE Video Training, Click Here

If you want to get to a mastery level of interacting with
hot women, if you want to keep the attraction going once
you’ve got your foot in the door, then just trust me
– check out what Joshua’s going to tell you about it:

Bottom line: don’t miss this, because the opportunity to learn this
level of skill comes along VERY RARELY.



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June 14, 2011

Cold Reading & Relationships (Video)


Please Watch The Video & Read the Post, So There is No Confusion…

Over the next couple of days, I am going to be promoting a new Relationship System for Men that some friends of mine are putting together…

I will tell you up front, it is probably going to be a “MENS ONLY PRODUCT”. That being said, if you are one of my female subscribers, please don’t be offended because I’m letting you know this upfront…Of course the video explains this as well…

That being said, over the weekend, I spent some time with a good friend of mine, Mike, who is a relationship Guru of sorts (he’s been on all kind of TV and Radio shows–Even the Rachel Ray show), and he has a new course exclusively for women to have a system to get their men to put the “Romance” back in their relationship…

Here is a link to the program, and there is some good FREE content…

Here’s the deal, before you pass judgement on it, just try some of the techniques out first and that way you’ll know it is for real…

Isn’t that fair?– I thought so!

Just thought I would have something for the female readers here, so that I’m not coming across as Chauvinistic. Anything I promote is something I have either purchased myself or I know the author, so be confident in knowing that it is usually a good offering…

So, for any of you ladies that might want to put a little bit more Romance back in your marriage or relationship, Click Here for the Details.

Cold Reading & Perception

The concept of Psychic Perception and Cold Reading is not new… In fact, it has probably been around as long as the human race had been around and we started looking for answers to our problems…

The video will give you the (3) three main ingredients to “Cold Read” someone or to tell if someone is doing it to you. The difference between cold reading and a real Psychic, is that a real psychic will have a sense of what is going on even before they ask you the first question.

I do think this little insight will allow you to see the value of asking questions in a certain way about certain topics, to get a certain outcome…You will discover that questions are the key to influence, persuasion and also in understanding someone’s motives about what they are doing…

Hope you enjoy it.

– Al


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