Monthly Archives: June 2011

ShapeShifter: Redesign Your Body, Anytime, Anywhere…

Can You Really Be “Unbreakable”??? Probably not unless you’re a comicbook superhero. But you CAN get pretty darn close if you use a few super-powered training techniques that rebalance your muscles, improve the “quality” of your tissues and actually accelerate your FATLOSS. It’s not rocket science, but it does require a very precise combination of […]

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Play By Play Attraction Guide for Men

My friend Joshua, put together this awesome “Play By Play” Attraction Guide for MEN… This simple guide can become a valuable asset for you to use as you are making your way to find YOUR beautiful Woman… Now let me just say that this is mainly for the “Single Men” on this list, so if […]

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How To Respond to “Buy Me a Drink”

Curious? You should be Have you ever been talking to a girl and she RANDOMLY insults you? You know that feeling you get when you realize that she is actually rejecting you RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW? Your stomach jumps into your throat, doesn’t it? Or when you walk up to a chick and she […]

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Cold Reading & Relationships (Video)

  Please Watch The Video & Read the Post, So There is No Confusion… Over the next couple of days, I am going to be promoting a new Relationship System for Men that some friends of mine are putting together… I will tell you up front, it is probably going to be a “MENS ONLY […]

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