Monthly Archives: January 2011

Life Coaching Certification + Bonus

Have I got something special for you today! Are you ready for this? This has never been done before and chances are it will never happen again. Steve G. Jones and Mike Litman’s best selling life coaching certification course retails for $675. You can now enroll for the ridiculously low price of just $77 if […]

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The #1 Secret to Meditation (Video)

I must have gotten this question a thousand times… Well, here is a quick video that will show you what the #1 Secret to Meditation is. Keep in mind that there are several different kinds of meditations, and I will cover several of them in this video…   Once you begin the meditation process, you […]

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Reciprocity-Attraction-Manifestation (Video)

Here is what’s covered on this powerful and insightful video. Laws of reciprocity & manifestation Exact examples of how this works in the real world How you can give to get Really powerful stuff… Now for the sales message. My INNER GAME COACHING SYSTEM is $1 for the first 2 weeks, then if you stay […]

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A Coaching System That Works…

8 Weeks and you’ll be on your way to a new perspective on your life, as well as a game plan and system to get you there. That is what you’ll receive when you “Take Action” and sign up for the Mind Force Inner Game Coaching System. I’ve made it so easy for you to […]

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Some More Inner Game Stuff…

So, if you’ve signed up for my Inner Game training files, you should be getting an email from me with a link to a session I just did today on audio for my Inner Game Coaching Clients… I don’t do this a lot, but when I get enough emails asking the same thing, I like […]

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Be an Action Taker Not an Excuse Maker

This Might get you mad You’re might get angry with me after you read this, because I’m not going to pull any punches… I’m going to let you know the truth, and quite frankly, if you don’t like that you can  unsubscribe from my list… In fact, I am in the process of unsubscribing about […]

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