Monthly Archives: October 2010

Are You a Mind Force Specialist?

Well are you? This Comprehensive video will show you what this means to you… Some call it being a “Mentalist” Others call it being a “Controller” No matter what you call it, you’ll be a master of the following techniques Hypnotism Psychic Energy Attraction Esoteric Meditation Mind Tricks & Techniques

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Are You a Powerful Man or Woman?

How did you like the video I did last week on one of the secret laws of attraction? It is concepts like this that will allow you to go further than you could ever imagine. Sometimes we think too small… Today I want to talk about power and control. Two basic elements of life that […]

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Secret Law of Attraction

Everyone talks about “The Laws of Attraction”…. If you want to know some good points on how it works, please watch the video above. The movie “The Secret” came out years ago and brought to light many of the concepts of attraction. Back in 2002, I wrote a manual called “Magneto”, on how to become […]

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The Law of Attraction & This Economy

What is the deal with this economy? Everyday we hear how bad it is? Is it bad, or is it a construct of the media? The facts are the facts, and you can’t deny them, but the other fact is that everyone has the unique ability to change things any time they want to. Is […]

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