October 2010

October 29, 2010

Are You a Mind Force Specialist?

Well are you?

This Comprehensive video will show you what this means to you…

Some call it being a “Mentalist”

Others call it being a “Controller”

No matter what you call it, you’ll be a master of the following techniques

  • Hypnotism
  • Psychic Energy
  • Attraction
  • Esoteric Meditation
  • Mind Tricks & Techniques

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October 19, 2010

Are You a Powerful Man or Woman?

How did you like the video I did last week on one of the secret laws of attraction? It is concepts like this that will allow you to go further than you could ever imagine.

Sometimes we think too small…

Today I want to talk about power and control. Two basic elements of life that we all strive for. I mean lets face it, who doesn’t want more power or control in their life?

The first thing you need to do however is to define power and control as it relates to your life…Everyone has a different idea or ideal of what that means to them, and quite frankly that’s all that matters is your definition.

You can probably tell that I’m big into power and control. You see power and control are two things that when you have them, your life begins to manifest the way you want it to. No one can become successful without having control and a semblance of power.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve personally been studying how to develop more power and control for my own life. You should take that as a hint that everyone needs a boost, everyone needs to be juiced up a little and that all relates to power and control, if you know what I mean.

I’m the type of person who feels that if I don’t get results with what I’m currently doing, I find a better way, a more productive way, a short cut if you will… Through research, trial and error and just plain luck, I’ve come across some things that have been working very well for myself and some of my students.

It’s all about power and control…Now don’t take that the wrong way. I’m talking about personal control and personal power, not the kind that you exert over someone else.

Would you like to be a more powerful man or woman?

Well, over the next week or two, I am going to divulge some nuggets of these power and control factors that will serve you extremely well in your life…

And I’ll be totally upfront that I’ll also be making you an offer on my new Power & Control System that many of you are going to love. Of course, before I make you the final offer, I’m going to entice you, and I’m going to give you some solid information right upfront that you can use immediately…

You see, that is one way to create power, by giving good stuff away. I can’t tell you how many emails and phone calls I get from people who have never bought anything from me, but they love the fact that I give great info away…

Now lets face it, I do save the really juicy stuff for my systems, but that’s just common sense…

First Power and Control Tip:

Define Your Personal Idea of Power and Control

Let me know what you came up with by posting a comment right here to the blog.


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October 14, 2010

Secret Law of Attraction

Everyone talks about “The Laws of Attraction”…. If you want to know some good points on how it works, please watch the video above.

The movie “The Secret” came out years ago and brought to light many of the concepts of attraction.

Back in 2002, I wrote a manual called “Magneto”, on how to become an Attracting Force. I got the ball rolling on exactly how to use both your physical, mental and spiritual energy to attract what you desire.

If you want to know about the law of attraction, let me tell you a simple and easy way to attract what you want.

Secret Laws of Attraction

  • Have a Burning Desire
  • Make Sure You Remove All Negative Energy
  • Focus on What You Want ONLY (not on what you don’t want)
  • Believe it Will Happen

The funny thing about The Law of Attraction is so simple, yet we make it complicated.

Even though it is simple, I know people need more resources, so that is why my Magneto System is so powerful.

The main key to any type of transformation comes with action….Put in the “Flight Time” and you’ll ultimately win!


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October 12, 2010

The Law of Attraction & The Economy Video

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October 11, 2010

The Law of Attraction & This Economy

What is the deal with this economy?

Everyday we hear how bad it is?

Is it bad, or is it a construct of the media?

The facts are the facts, and you can’t deny them, but the other fact is that everyone has the unique ability to change things any time they want to.

Is that really true though?

Of course it is…There are so many opportunities right now that have never been in our hands before. Take this computer and internet blog I’m typing into right now. 15 years ago the Internet was still in its infancy and a lot of the opportunities of today weren’t even dreamed up yet…

Take me for instance…In 1995, I worked for two different technology companies, and neither one really knew much about the Internet, and how it worked, let alone how to profit from it. Turn the clock ahead to today, and I run my entire operation from the comfort of my home all with the power of the Internet.

Not to mention the fact that my business positively affects people from all over the world, not just the US.

Just think of how many people are actually earning a full time or even part time living as a result of the Internet? Many of these very same people are part of the unemployment figures that the media is talking about.

Here’s a tip…Make sure you keep your eyes and ears open for opportunity. When you send out an energy of expectation that things are good but getting better, you can’t help but attract those very same things to you.

Some of you that may feel you are down and out or having hard times, don’t really want to believe it, but the the facts remain.


Are you taking control or are you letting someone else control you?

I’ve been where many of you’ve been and have seen miracles happen in my life that you wouldn’t believe, but do you know why I had miracles happen?

Because I had faith and believed…PERIOD!

That doesn’t mean I didn’t have some doubts creeping in, because believe me, they’re always there to get in your way. You just have to put them to the side and get your mind focused on what you can do and what you want to expect, not what you don’t want…

Self talk is put down by so many who say it doesn’t work, but I disagree…


The other key is the more specific you are about what you want and where you want to go, the better road map your mind will have to get you there.

Trust me, I know it’s not easy, but so what…Is life always easy?

Heck no!

So, just decide that there are some things that will be hard, but so what, just focus on what you want and desire. Use a method that works and will work for you. It really is that simple.

Of course you can always use my Mind Force Attraction Course, Magneto to give you a little extra boost and to insure you have techniques that work…

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