Monthly Archives: September 2010

Hypnotic Influence & Energy (Article)

Welcome to this short article on influence. This article is going to give you some concepts on how to use energy with your Hypnotic Influence. The concept that I teach to my private mentoring students individuals that are involved in my inner circle, total system, closed system and now I am going to teach a […]

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Using Energy to Hypnotically Influence

Is Hypnotic Influence, just about the words you use or is there more to it than that? The fact is that the more you use your energy, the more you’ll get out of your hypnotic influencing skills…Most people who teach hypnosis, hypnotism, NLP, hypnotic influence, etc rarely even consider the energy factor… The reason is […]

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The Power of The Present

Why do we sometimes let our past failures predict our future? I’ve often thought why some of the things in my past held me back when in fact they had nothing to do with the present or the future that I was shooting for… And this is my point… Don’t focus on your past, it […]

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