Monthly Archives: July 2009

Mind Movies

Check out the video below…If you like what you see, Click Here to Order the MIND MOVIES package for only $49. Keep in mind (no pun intended) that in order to get my MIND FORCE ATTRACTION: MAGNETO METHOD bonus, you must order from this link and then send an email to my support desk with […]

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Law of Attraction Exposed: Focus & Power to Get What You Want Explained

Just a short and fun video of me hanging out at my house…The key is that I used the Laws of Attraction to get this house…

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Successful Meditation

The term “meditation” describes an pretense and a state of existence. Just as barely a person who has seen the color red can portray it well, only a person who has performed this act and reached the state can answer this question with authority.

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Subliminal Messages

Subliminal Messages Living in the subliminal world Subliminal messages are all over the place. They’re on TV ads, in every melody that we listen, in articles like this and etc. The subliminal messages are concealed in almost everything that we do. As a matter of fact, often times when you talk to someone, you are […]

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