March 2009

March 25, 2009

Law of Attraction, Does it Work (Read to Find Out)

Sometimes when I’m in the shower I come up with some crazy ideas…

Well, the other day, I thought to myself, “What could I do for the people on my list that would be a Win/Win?”

I came up with the concept of offering my Mind Force Attraction: Magento Method course at more than half off….

I know what your thinking-> What’s the catch?

The catch is this offer is only good for a couple of days…I even installed a timer on the page, which will remove the page
once it goes off…

So, visit the page and see if you made it in time Here’s the link.

Mind Force Law of Attraction, The Magneto Method

Talk with you soon,


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March 14, 2009

New Mind Force Self Hypnosis & Autosuggestion System

Please do me a favor once you watch the videos, and that is to please let me know what you liked best about the training. Just post a comment below. Also, since it is still in “beta” mode, let me know what you would like me to add specifically for your own needs or what you think it could use…



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